Painted in Watercolor


I nearly forgotten what it was like to feel the warm wind blowing gently onto your skin and the friendly sun rays warming up your body and mood. It was one of those Spring days where all you want to do is sit on the grass and listen to the birds sing. At least that is what I do. But there is no green grass (yet) and alas, the birds are singing; all that is left is for the trees too bloom and then my Universe will be perfect!
I am wearing here a shirt I recently made, I couldn't wait to share it with you guys; the print is so thrilling and so are the colors, I immediately grabbed it and thought of something...let's say, fluid.
And if the pastel trend is around, then it's time for my pastel colored tights to take a walk (I decided to color them - they were white -, after splashing them accidentally with ..mud)








I have been featured, along with other cool bloggers, on Blue is in fashion this year blog, one of Grazia.It blogs, which is so exciting! Anyway I just wanted to say "Thank you!" and check out the full post here. blue is in fashion this year

Wearing: self-made shirt and headband, Pimkie shorts, New Look shoes, Random brand self-colored tights, Sixx, Parfois and Meli Melo rings.


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