Fresh Red





Forgive my absence from the blog, only today I managed to take some photos with my outfit, not very glamorous, but it was perfect for the Spring days we have here.
I have returned from the mountains about two days ago, and since then I have been running around the city with errands, as you can see, I dyed my hair and I shortened it a bit (actually the hairdresser did all this, naturally, I am a disaster in such matters) and I quite love it!
My New Year's Eve was fantastic! We all had a very good time, partying , dancing, I learned to play whist and I can't get enough of it; I tell you, the days I spent there without Internet were a bliss! I seriously was not in the mood of blogging, but in the end I had to catch up with you fabulous girls! Let this year be a another fashionable one.
Have a wonderful year my darlings!!

Wearing: Foxx jacket, random brand scarf, thrifted shirt, Takko shorts, no name leg warmers, Converse sneakers.


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