I'm sooo caught up


 It seems aaaages ago since my last post, but sorry..once again I am trapped in work, my graduation collection actually, which is a matter of life and death to me at the moment. I barely have time for anything, I even feel guilty for eating, I have the feeling that I am wasting time doing that.
 I managed to squeeze in my schedule a little photoshooting, so you guys won't forget me and to show you my neeeew pair of candy sandals! You know that moment when you pass by a store in a hurry and your eye's attention is caught - miraculously I might add - by something from the window display and then you feel your heart beating faster and that if you don't buy it, your whole life will be meaningless? That happened to me; I have successfully achieved the "shopaholic" label. 
Here I am wearing a very old dress underneath with a thrifted and a very large top. It's amazing when you remember having something in your wardrobe that can answer to your daily dilemmas such as "What to wear today?" 






Happy Weekend everyone!!

Wearing: Thrifted top and belt, Sprider dress, no name shoes, New Yorker satchel, vintage necklace and self-made earrings.


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