Slow and steady..


 Looks like it's time for sweaters and jackets, at least here it is. I am quite excited for Autumn, right now gazing out the window, seeing clouds and a cold wind blowing powerfully through the trees, makes me feel warm inside and lazy. So I will enjoy the rest of my afternoon watching Boardwalk Empire, listening to the music that used to excite me in highschool and catch up with other blogs. Oh yes, sounds good! 
Aaaaand, what do you think of my bag? It has become my favorite and I will try not to wear it too often, otherwise Boredom will take it away from me. And oh yes, the shoes, which I kindly stole from my mother for these pictures, they are so adorable and thrifted! Yes, they are! She has much more luck when it comes to footwear than I do. Fortunately...we have the same size.. (Muahahahaha!)

  svt5svt1 svt3 svt4 

 Wearing: mom's old sweater, Dahlia dress, thrift shoes, The Bag Shop bag, H&M necklace.

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