Before the storm


 I was dying to have a cute basic sweater - especially made of angora wool - ever since I saw Carrie wearing this outfit in season six of "Sex and the City" (these are stills from the episode, and yes, I tormented myself searching for this almost EVERY episode because I didn't succeed in finding a proper photo with this look).


 And, one day I managed to find a similar sweater in a thrift shop and boy, was I excited or what? And it keeps me so warm and it is so fluffy and adorable! Naturally, I had to pair it with a basic white shirt and add a necklace because...well..that is what I do and I was happy for the day. Until the storm came, destroyed my hairdo and chased me back home. Oh well..

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  Wearing: thrifted sweater, BeYou shirt, Meli Melo necklace, New Yorker jeans, vintage shoes and thrifted Primark bag.

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