There are those days when you need an escape from the city, noise, people and even from the music you usually listen to. Days like that when I feel a bit anxious - maybe I am not ready for my last year at University? - or when all my wishes pile up and can't figure out which one to make it come true first, I try to leave them behind in my special place, quiet, open, a place that gives me peace. Do you have such a special place? 
Well, I also love taking photos there and this time, since chilly days are getting popular, I put on a simple shawl, but one that gives such a nice touch to any outfit. And somehow..I felt in a pastoral landscape, all that was needed where a couple of sheep.

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Wearing: self-made skirt, vintage shawl, Pimkie blouse, Meli Melo big ring, random brand other rings.

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