Mirror shine


 You do know that feeling of excitement when you receive a present and wonder what it is inside and can't wait to open it right? I get that feeling even if I know what the package contains, my level of excitement is beyond that of a child, especially if that package contains shoes! These shiny sandals were waiting for me to come home to be admired both by my eyes and my feet. I just couldn't wait to take them out for a stroll. Also, in the package was another pair of flat sandals that are so comfy (for those moments when you have to walk too much in heat) and I am sure they will make a guest feature on the blog soon as well. 
Soon, I'll receive another similar package, am I a bit obsessed? Possibly. Do I love shoes? Definitely! But what I love most are sales! And when your almost-dream-shoes are available at a 50% discount why restrain yourself?

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 Siiiiiii, sa nu uitam de castigatoarea concursului Meli Melo
A fost dificil sa aleg o singura castigatoare, au fost multe raspunsuri creative si interesante, dar cele mai complexe si complete tinute au fost create de Andreea Otilia
Asadar, premiile vor ajunge la ea. Felicitari! 

 Wearing: H&M top, necklace and skirt, MiniPrix.ro sandals, vintage bag, thrifted belt, Meli Melo rings.



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