A bit of boho chic


 This is my second pair of sandals I received not too long ago, I told you they would make an appearance on the blog, wearing them with this outfit seemed like the perfect choice. It appears I am into shimmery footwear lately, I can only hope this phase won't turn into something I find repelling. Sometimes I go back through certain outfits and say to myself: "what was I thinking dressing up like that?!" Do you get that too? Still, going back makes me see how my fashion sense evolved and how many changes I've been to and think about what I could have done differently. And it's fun and it does give me some satisfactions and I don't think my passion for blogging can diminish now..I can only wish for it to grow even more!

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 Wearing: vintage top, earrings and bag, Stradivarius shorts, MiniPrix.ro sandals, H&M sunglasses.



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