Merry Christmas dear ones!


I hope you all received from Santa everything you wished for and that this day is filled with joy among you and your loved ones. For me this is by far my favorite Holiday, and all the Christmas decorations, lights and the beautifully wrapped presents are exciting me unlike any other little details from this world. And I appreciate details.
I spent Christmas Eve decorating and buying last minute presents, afterward The Boy, my parents and a friend of ours spent some time in the evening eating too many cookies and we watched a very fun old Christmas movie (don't you just love them?) all in all it was a perfect day, relaxed and fun. Here is what I chose to wear, my mom's old shirt and my pleated skirt which I very much adore.




Bits and pieces of my Christmas trees (I have a small one in my room and the big one on the hallway)




An experiment with the lights in my room, I spent an hour playing around.


As for today, I am now at my grandparents, eating once more too many cookies and just spending time with the family. Too bad it isn't snowing, but there is still time I hope.

Happy Holidays!!

Wearing: mom's shirt, Veronica Biliboc bow accessory, New Yorker skirt, Leonardo shoes.


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