Magical Pastel Gardens


Pastels and floral prints? All in one, for a perfect Spring outfit (and those pants are simply magical!) Even though we are in the middle of Spring, the weather today was HOT! It really felt like summer and it was strange in a way, because frankly I am not in the mood to suffer in the heat for 6 months! Well, at least a storm is on it's way as we speak, and I am sitting cozy writing here and blogging. I have some little work to do for my graduate collection - the stress will come soon enough - so I best be getting on with it. Recently I have watched Skins, the last two seasons (who else have been watching this show?), I have bought books and flowers, and I've listened to the birds sing and currently I am not living in the real world, haha. Such a dreamer..
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Wearing: H&M top, Atmosphere pants, courtesy of MiniPrix, Benvenuti shoes, Giuka bag.


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