Blue painted rain..

Not much of a fancy outfit today. I felt bored and uninspired; sometimes I get this feeling in certain days when fashion does not excite me. The weather was chilly and it seemed it was about to rain so my plan to wear a cute dress was ruined. So I wore something blue, put my new shoes on and a bling-bling around my neck to feel interesting and there I go. Today I couldn't help myself and I bought something way too delicious, I can't wait to show you! (which means - I can't wait to brag). I also indulged myself with three huge bouquets of lilac - my favorite flower, so naturally I wanted to share with you their beauty. So little time until my birthday, I am freaking out!
tyi3 tyi4 tyi tyi2 tyi6

Wearing: Zara blazer, New Look shirt, Koton pants, Mei shoes, Reserved bag, Meli Melo necklace and H&M rings


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