Not another gloomy day


 November is an ugly month. Well, it's sunny outside today but let's face it, most of the time is cold, rainy, and dull. Yesterday was one of those gloomy days and if it had been for me, I would've stayed inside the house being a super couch potato, but as I had to go in town I at least decided to wear something really colorful. Color blocks are never out of fashion for me
I had this thrifted sweatshirt I recently bought and I wanted to take it out for a spin but the trouble is that it really seems to go with most of my jewelry collection and skirts so it was so hard to decide how to style it. However, for now, I settled with that sparkly necklace which I adore and a very cute dress underneath in the perfect color contrast and match. 
Everybody stared, of course, but at least I felt like a million bucks!

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  Wearing: Stradivarius dress, thrifted sweatshirt, H&M boots and necklace, Giuka bag.

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