No way to cool down..


 My energy level is waaaaayyy down today, I am so tired, I need to sleep more but not yet.. I still need to finish some work. Plus, the heat is exhausting me, my body feels like melting at this point. 
 The evening before yesterday happened the worst thing: my laptop charger died and so did all of my power outlets in my room, but they were the least of my concern. I was panicking, being a total drama queen at 2 A.M., thinking that all my projects are in my laptop and therefor I will fail all of my exams. I decided at some point to think about it the next morning and luckily the problem got solved in an hour thanks to a friend of mine. I was surprised honestly. 
Then I just thought about it and realized hoooow addicted we are to our computers, everything we do, we do on them (well... not everything, we can't cook or sleep, just to name a few) and it's just awful.
 Now, I have to study, and guess what?  most of my courses are on my laptop! 
Hopefully no other harm will happen to it.

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