Hot hot hot!

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 Today I saw the sunrise (work kept me up all night) and I was struck by the fresh air and the birds which sang so beautifully in silence. It was a perfect moment, so different from noon, where you couldn't breathe but dust and heat, your skin was burning, and one could feel so dizzy from this annoying sun, you just can't rejoice at all. This is something that usually happens to me during Summer (I even hate laying in the sun to get a tan, I much prefer my white skin). When I am forced to go out during the daytime I am the most unpleasant person ever, take me out in the evenings and you will be charmed for eternity, haha. 
Well, at least I can wear pretty tops and beautiful sandals this season. Always look on the bright side, yes?

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Wearing: H&M top and bracelets, Pimkie shorts, vintage necklace, sandals, New Yorker bag


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