What have I been working

Hello dear readers!
What have you been doing? Me?...very busy..

zu 189 copy

zu 190 copy

Here's a little preview of a project I am working on and desperately trying to finish it on time, I will show you the whole piece very soon..

zu 184 copy

The frozen view from my window..

zu 192 copy

Books I bought recently when walking with a friend of mine.. I love reading, especially gothic novels.

img 008 copy

I don't think I ever introduced you to my hamster Yuki. Well, here she is a bit sleepy, because she's very active during the night. I want to take more pictures of her but it's quite a challenge due to the fact that she is constantly moving. She's not very patient.

I am back to work, hope youhave a lovely day dearies!


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