Absolutely Fabulous!

As you may already know, I went to the Absolutely Fabulous Fair this Sunday where I met lots of bloggers (finally!) and I saw lots of beautiful clothes and accesories!
Take a look and see for yourselves..

pic 008 copy

pic 016 copy

pic 040 copy

pic 044 copy

pic 019 copy

I am sure Andreea , who has a high passion for heels, agrees with me when I say this is a AMAZING , breath-taking shoe!

pic 036 copy



Just in time for Valentine's!! The bag is made by Alice from Dulapul Bunicii.

pic 053 copy

pic 054 copy

pic 052 copy

pic 072s copy

I met the lovely Ana, the brightest redhead ,a very sweet and funny girl, next to me is Alice and finally the lovely and very stylish Ioana, she is also a doll!


I also met Ana Maria from High Street Cardigans and the girls behind Bucharest Style, and I had such a great time and I cannot wait to meet them again for a proper chat and as well meet other fabulous bloggers who couldn't attend the event.
Enjoy the week dearies, I will show you something delightful soon..

Wearing: Amanda boots, Terranova pants, Zara blouse, self made headband.


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