Dreaming of Spring

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How was your Valentine's Day?
I don't usually celebrate this day, so I watched New York Fashion Week's shows, cleaned up the house and ran some errands, and I bumped into Alice - again - I think the Universe has something planed for us.
About the photos.. I took them yesterday when it was a gorgeous day, and made me dream of Spring very badly. If I see an inch of snow again, I'll get depressed.
I made the skirt awhile ago, after falling in love with the print on that gorgeous velvet, so I started playing with it. And this is the result. Like?
Oh and the necklace is recently bought, it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland so it immediately caught my eye.

Wearing: self made skirt, vintage sweater and bag, Mondex thights, You T shirt, Botinelli shoes, Stradivarius necklace


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