New Wonders

asda asda2 

 I am so proud of my new acquisitions! But let me tell you about those blazers.. After I finished my last exam, I went for a coffee with my colleagues and after we each went home in our direction and in my way I saw this quite huge sign on a clothing store that was a second hand which said: "1+1 FREE!!!" Just like that. So I barged in, I saw that olive wool coat (which is big, but with some alterations it will look great) in a splendid shape and then I saw that burgundy velvet blazer which fits me PERFECTLY!! 
I rushed to the register and I payed something like 4 Euros for one of them and the other was FREE! I was so proud, I exit the shop with a huge smile on my face as if I won the lottery. 
And the shoes... those adorable shoe in a marine green color, I have no idea how to categorize it, they came a few days ago from, but they are actually from the brand FullahSugah - which of course it isn't physically commercialized here. And just look how amazing they are with that blazer!
 I can't wait for a Spring to wear them! 
 Tonight I am gonna party with the girls from Uni and in a few days my hometown and my mother awaits me! Wohoo!



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