Adrian Haiduc- designer or circus actor?

     I really hate the fact that everybody is a "star" after they pull out a bad circus act. Look at the role models girls have today, is that a real example to follow? How can you be different, have a real personality, a good point of view,  if every day you see is extra small outfits  with plastic "accessories" on a shallow minded girl?       
     So why is this phenomenon still being promoted? Is good taste a dead and buried asset?
     When it comes to design , the problem is slightly close to a bad act in a low budget movie.
      Main character here, Adrian Haiduc. I wonder how many of you have seen his so called designs? Would you buy his jewelry?

      The press and media present him as being an excentric designer, the question raised: Is he a designer? Everybody heard about him because of his jewelry campaign ads or shows.
     Whether he undressed a so called "star" and had a shooting with the jewelry he claims he designed, or had a lengerie show with chocolate painted girls, Adrian Haiduc  did nothing else than a circus act. Girls that don't even look like models, let aside have all the qualities a real model should have, dressed in their own lengerie brought from home, and" painted" in a mixture of cocoa and water, I really don't think you can call that a fashion show. And what is even worse, people  that see him at tv or read about him in the news papers , most of them really think that he is a designer.
     This happens because most of the time, this is the only kind of designers that they promote! Because sex and scandal sell, real art doesn't. Or this is what they think.
     What if we wake up one day, and everything will be turned upside down? Real assets will be valued, real artists appreciated and promoted , instead of what is now.
     Will people buy what they are presented? Or will they search for scandal again, because that is what they really want?
     So now the question is: Can Adrian Haiduc stand up to his "excentric DESIGNER'' title? Can he really design something at least similar to a work of art, not just some marbles on a long silky string? Or does he try to make a statement without having anything to say?
     I dare you to comment on this post if  you have a different opinion.

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