Romances and Rooftops


 I have lots ideas for photo shootings, mainly focusing on choosing the perfect location and that is always the hard part because if you are restrained in a certain place, especially a small one, you exhaust every little corner. I still fantasize about a certain castle, a house in ruin, a train wreck, a field of tulips, a volcano, the Moon! Okay, last one is not likely going to happen in my lifetime at least. 
Luckily a friend of mine had access to a rooftop and suggested we had fun taking photos in the scorching heat. I immediately got excited and said "why not?" I dressed in the most contrasting outfit I could think of, because you know, I love contrasts, and I kinda love the result here. Despite our burned skin and massive dehydration we sure had fun!

  polpol2 pol4 pol5 pol3 lop7 

 Wearing: H&M dress, bracelets and necklace, my friend's sandals, vintage bag, Meli Melo sunglasses

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