New Love in Town





Ok, so most of my Romanian readers already know about the opening of H&M store here in Bucharest, and since I wasn't in the country I only managed to go today and take a peek. It was crowded and all the excited people were just running around with tones of clothes - so did I - and waited a century at the fitting rooms.

This is what I tried on:



And this is what I came home back with. I can't wait to wear it! The fabric is just wonderful silky-smooth and the design is so interesting. Of course I wanted more, but there is time
Oh and I met Denisa there for a brief moment, it was crazy to sit there and chat, but hopefully we will find a moment to do so.

I still have photos from Lisbon to show you, just wait until I get them all.
I must feels really strange to be back home..


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