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Hello dearies, excited for the weekend? I'm not, because I'll be leaving for Bucharest soon and I am not in the mood to pack or carry any baggages..not to mention to work or study for exams.

About the outfit,I was actually freezing here, later on I put another coat on me and a warm scarf and I was ready to go. The vintage blazer belongs ..or belonged I dare say, to my mother, it's quite classy, and I feel fancy in it.

Also, the lovely Andreea from Thrill of the heel was generous enough to give the Stylish Blogger Award to all of her readers, and since I am one of her devoted fans I took the "medal" with pleasure. In order to receive this properly I have to share 7 things about me and tag other 7 bloggers.

Wearing: Terranova pants, vintage blazer, Kara sweater, Amanda shoes


1. I am obsessed with chocolate. Actually I am addicted. If I don't eat something sweet a day, I get very nervous or anemic. (Once I ate sugar with a spoon from the jar)

2. I have two hamsters. One, in my hometown named Zuzu, and one with me in Bucharest called Yuki (it means snow in Japanese, because well, she is pure white)

3. I watch lots of anime, I started with Sailor Moon at the age of eight. I love them!

4. I am in love with 18th and 19th century fashion; I am charmed by their refined tastes and all that luxury, I wish I could wear a dress like that for a day and be asphixiated in those corsets.

5. I am an only child and I love it that way because I don't have to share my personal stuff with others, I absolutely hate that, I lost clothes and jewellery because of that. You may say I am selfish but what it's mine...IT'S MINE.

6. I now wished to study piano and be a professional skater.

7. I love collecting body lotions with all sorts of scents. (Of course I use the end)

I'll be tagging: Ioana from Fashezine, Anna from Something like Anna, Mina from Faboulista, Laura from Tokyo and Seoul dreams, Alice from Alice's Fashion Diary, and Jen from Her Waise Choice and Bonnie from Flashes of Style

Have a good and relaxing weekend!!


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