A new year






Hello darlings! How did you spent your New Year's Eve? I hope you had fun with your loved ones and I also hope that this new year will bring you lots of joy and fulfillments!
There's nothing too special about this outfit, I was in the mood for something casual, but I missed taking photos with a skirt, so here it is, a very old skirt and I like it's neutral color.
I also bought this Scandinavian print sweater awhile ago, when I was still wondering If it was the right thing to do. But I loved D&G's Fall collection and I wanted a piece of it (even if it isn't original)
I have another week until I'll head back to Bucharest and begin college again.. and I am not in the mood at all. Spending time here with my loved ones, eating lots and lots of cookies, not worrying about anything, is the best!

Wearing: no name sweater, thrift skirt, Leonardo boots, mom's retro jacket, Meli Melo gloves and scarf.


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