Oh, I am so happy it's Friday! I am excited for this weekend, mainly because I am going skating! I missed it, it's my favorite activity of winter (allthough there are indoor skating rings for all seasons).
This, my darlings, is my new thrifted coat! Actually it's the only one bought from a thrift store. I adored it's color and the fact that it fit me well! I spend about 8 Euros on it. I love when I find something really worth wearing in these shops. I also bought today green velvet since I am huge fan of the fabric and can't wait to make something out of it!

Have a lovely weekend!!
P.S. Yes, I am crazy about turqoise!

Wearing: thrift coat,C&A pants, Leonardo boots, no name vest (received) and T-shirt, scarf made by grandmother, H&M bag, Peacocks cardigan


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