Christmas Magic









It's Christmas Eve and I am excited!! I want this time to pass really slow so I can enjoy these moments over and over again; spending time with firends and family, making preparations for Christmas has something magical within..and I adore the feeling. I remember when I was a little girl waiting for Santa Claus to bring me gifts and trying to figure out how in the world did he manage to fullfill everyones wishes in one night. Oh, the memories..

Remember how I said I had a little surprise? Well, I am wearing it! I made the pants in the last few days spent in Bucharest out of that precious emerald velvet which I love! That is definitely my favorite shade of green and I bought it immediately. I really love how it plays with the light and how they turned out! They are really fit for Christmas.
(Oh, and I had a coat, don't worry the weather is not that warm)
And doesn't that necklace work so perfectly in every way with that sweater? Mom has some really nice things forgotten in her closet.

In case I don't see you soon, I wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and kindness amongst your loved ones!

Wearing: vintage sweater, bag and necklace, self made pants, Amanda shoes, no name Tee.


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