These where taken a few days ago when it was incredibly warm. Now it's incredibly cold! I still don't understand why it's not snowing. A few more days and I am going back in my hometown for the Holidays!
Since I am not much of a big words person, although I really love reading them, and right now don't have the inspiration to put down something, I am off reading Ducdame. It's a very beautifully written book, I have a few pages left.

P.S. The brooch is from Alice&Sara, I bought awhile ago; here I am wearing as a necklace. Multifunctional and chic! I love Audrey Hepburn in that picture.
And yes, I am obsessed with that bag! Can you blame me?

Wearing: Takko tank top, vintage sweater, Stradivarius blazer and socks, Amanda shoes,no name skirt and H&M bag.


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