Be chic on a Sunday afternoon


 It's nearly the end of October and I am dressed like in Spring! Not that I am complaining, I wish this warm weather would last until December. How strange that would be? 
Anyway, I used some soft layers for this outfit just to create a fun and colorful look, because that new little cute bag that I recently found in a thrift shop wasn't enough to shine. So yes, you know me.
 And, as you can see, my hair color is darker - that wasn't supposed to happen! - but oh well, I will live with it for the next few months. I think my hair has been colored in nearly every shade of red..hope that boredom won't install too soon in my mind.

Allright peeps, I'm off to relax and then work - I know, I am not your ordinary normal person.
 Have a lovely Sunday darlings, make it a relaxed one.

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  Wearing: no name necklace and top, borrowed skirt, Deichman shoes, thrifted bag, BeYou shirt.

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