London Spring 2012 Favorites

Let me express my excitement after watching live and looking again at this wonderful, perfect collection from Burberry!


I far it's the best collection of all Fashion Week I have seen so far. Mainly because it just resonates with me and I can see myself in those girls shoes and clothes. The colors are simply marvelous, the tribal or ethnic details are perfect and the beads at the sandals stripes gave me a great inspiration for next summer. I also loved the length of the skirts, the short jackets and the baaags! Delicious!


I also loved Mulberry's light fabrics and my ultimate favorite mix: maxi sheer skirts with sporty sweaters. A very youthful and fun collection.


And on the other hand we have Richard Nicholl's pastel colors and very soft silky fabrics...very simple designs and yet so romantic. I would sleep, dance, walk, cook in such a garment! Like a second skin.

richard nicholl

And let's not forget about Rodarte, which actually presented their collection in New York. Inspired from Vincent van Gogh's paintings, the sisters created these delicious colorful dresses which I can't take my eyes off! The models are literally wearing a painting. There is this girlie fresh vibe that is definitely different from their past collections, but still I can sense the Rodarte touch. A change is always good.


Which one you like best?
I definitely need to think my fall wardrobe but with all these shows, I am quite dazed.


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