I smell grapes, I smell autumn


I woke up today and I saw the most dark clouds and it was pouring rain. After a few hours the weather chilled down and I strong perfume of my own grapes from my balcony reached my room. Definitely, autumn is approaching. I am always excited for it's melancholy and it's beautiful colors and the fact that you don't have to sit until 8 p.m. inside because of the heat.

I was working like crazy for a project, (this means very soon I will be going to Bucharest) and I barely managed to catch a break and went outside for a fresh air and snapped fast these photos while the light was still "alive".






I love those socks so much, I think they are the prettiest pair in the world! (Brag much?)

Wearing: random brand cardigan and shoes, New Yorker shorts, H&M top, Stradivarius socks, vintage bag.


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