DIY Skirt

I thought of making a skirt today from fabric leftovers and I said to myself "let's make a tutorial"
I have no idea how good I am at explaining but here goes:

Take a piece of fabric about 150 cm (59.1 inches) and fold it once, you chose the lenght as you see it fit -I chose about 60 cm (23.6 inches).
zzz 031 copy

Then sew where the fabric folds, so you can make the back of the skirt.

zzz 024 copy

Afterwards, with the skirt still backfaced, sew along with a piece of elastic - measure your waistline for this; carefully, and stretch as much as you can the elastic so you can make the creases.

zzz 025 copy

And voila!
Hope this was useful, if not, feel free to ask me questions.

zzz 029 copy

P.S. Be careful in choosing your fabric. This skirt was made out of taffeta. Remember, the thicker the fabric, the more wider it will be - if you are into '50s fashion.


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