Come closer and see, See into the trees, Find the girl, While you can.

Picture 338

Picture 388

Picture 403

Picture 362

Picture 418

Picture 423

Picture 358

Picture 036

I have been listening to this song from The Cure today and it's been hypnotizing me all night, and when looking through these photos while it played in the background it felt like a completed puzzle. I have always been enchanted by forests and rarely I got the occasion to shot decent photos, due to the low light. Yesterday I went for a walk, this forest is very much in my hometown, it's like a park, and lots of people walk in it, so I took the chance and played around in the woods.
Tomorrow I am heading back to Bucharest, my short vacation is over but my birthday is coming up shortly. Hopefully in won't rain.
And this is my 100th post! Hooray!

Wearing: Zara dress, no name jacket, hand made headband and brooch, Accessorize rings,H&M tights,random brand shoes, vintage bag.


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