Dress to impress

Today I spend part of my Saturday afternoon at the Dress to Impress vintage fair, and I have to say I saw there so many beautiful items and jewelery! A lot of these fairs take place here in Bucharest and everytime, I see expensive vintage brooches and rings and unique clothes, hand made, or vintage made from velvet - which I adore, or lace! Take a look and see. I also met with Alice from Dulapul Bunicii again and had a little chat which was great; she was participating with her own items as you can see in the picture below.

These dresses are originally from the '20 or '30 which is my favorite era! I simply stood there and stared at them, drooling. It's not very complicated to make such a dress, but to own one from that exact period of time in perfect state, that really is something!

The place where this fair was taken place is a beautiful mansion I could say, with millions of rooms, I was walking in circles,  very old chandeliers and great big windows; I would really like such a house.

Of course I had to buy something! As soon as I set my eyes on this beautiful blue velvet jacket I knew it had to be mine!
I cannot wait to wear it, it's just gorgeous!

I am hoping you'll all have a Happy and Fierce Halloween tomorrow! I think I'll watch Nightmare before Christmas in that night.


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