To be a tourist in your city


 Yesterday was a fun day, because I got to visit places in a cathedral which normally can't be seen and this was all thanks to my boyfriend's course ( History of Architecture if I am not mistaken) and his idea of taking me with him. Luckily, we managed to visit the downtown Gothic cathedral, but not just the inside, no, we climbed up the tower, about 100 people on not-so-secure-stairs, visit the roof - spooky dark place - and in the end went up the balcony and gazed upon the view. It was spectacular!
See for yourselves below! bmb2 bmb6 bmb bmb28 bmb9

...And this is what we saw..

  bmb7bmb8 bmb5 bmb10 bmb1 

 Pretty cool right?

 Wearing: Zara cardigan, Stradivarius old shorts and socks, random brand boots and scarf, Reserved bag, H&M hat



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