Fragile or Bold?

tatler may 2011 5

tatler may 2011 2

tatler may 2011 3

tatler may 2011 4

view of the times3

view of the times2

view of the times4

view of the times

How often I find myself chosing between floral feminine, romantic outfits and crazy colored, lusting looks? Too many times. The fact is that I cannot really chose! I am so in love with both extremities, that I always embrace them with the same pleasure. And it's not because of this season's trend of color blocking that I feel so desiring for colors, I have always been like that, but these last four photos are INSANE! I want to make photos like these too! And yet I always feel at peace and somehow nostalgic when seeing those beautiful interiors and gowns.. makes me imagine of old fashion eras. You should see the huge folder I have with similar photos.

Which one is your favorite?

Source:, Tatler Magazine and View of the Times.


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