say NO to skinny

First..I want to say how much I love these pants and how sorry I am that I wore them so little this fall. I don't know why...I guess sometimes it's just easier to take a pair of ordinary pants or jeans, a sweater or Tee and just hurry to school/work.  Second, I am sick of skinny jeans. I feel so bored wearing them and tired of seeing them on every girl. Whenever I see a girl wearing large or high-waisted bottoms she immediately catches my eye. I need to make myself some new, un-ordinary (if there is such  a word) clothes so I won't feel like another sheep in the herd.

On another note, my project has been a little delayed, so I can be a little relaxed, so, starting from Friday I am going to take myself a short vacation.
Have a good week darlings! 

Wearing: Kara pants and sweater, Zara cardigan, Botinelli shoes, vintage bag.
Photos taken by Dion


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